Tip #8: Sugar Detox

Sugar isn’t always so sweet. Science shows us its addictive and causes a lot of inflammation in the body. Inflammation causes a wide variety of symptoms and adds stress to the body.

Sugar impairs the body’s ability to cope with stress.

Now is the perfect time to go on a sugar detox.

Awareness is key. Check your food labels for hidden sugars. It is pretty crazy how many processed foods contain added sugar. Even when we are full, sugar stimulates us to eat more. Be aware of how your foods taste and how your body feels when eating it.

Choosing optimum health over momentary indulging. Ask yourself what kind of health you desire. If you say 'I believe in moderation', then are you okay with moderate health as well?

You can journal answers to these questions:

Why do I want to be healthy and feeling my best?

Would I like to be more in control of my life?

Would I like to be able to take care of myself and avoid unnecessary intervention?

Do I want to be with loved ones for a long time, and, to live healthier during that time?

Challenge: Go 4 days without sugar.

Be determined and stick with it. Once you decide to let go of your relationship with sugar, be adamant about it. It is addictive so you will want it. Remember your 'why' for doing this so that you can stay strong (see questions above).

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