Tip #5: Walk, Move, Get Fresh Air

Does the thought of exercising excite you, or cause you to hide in the bathroom?

Our bodies were made to M-O-V-E. It’s so evident based on the makeup of the body. Form follows function! Muscles, joints, moving parts everywhere. Some of us love to move, others, not so much.

The circulatory and respiratory systems both have pumps which help them to move and eliminate waste and toxins from our bodies. The lymph system, however, has no pump. If it has no pump, how does it eliminate its waste and toxins?

We have to help it!

Hopefully, this will encourage everyone to find a way they enjoy moving and have fun doing it.

These suggestions help all the body systems to move, which ultimately strengthens the immune system.

3 ways you can help your immune system by movement:

1. Bounce. It doesn’t matter how you do it. You can stand with feet shoulder distance apart and simply bend your knees in an up and down fashion with feet firmly planted on the floor. You can use an exercise ball and sit on it and bounce. You can even jump on a trampoline!

2. Walk/Run. This stimulates the heart and helps with blood flow. If you have some pep in your step, it also helps lymph flow.

3. Dance. Put on some of your favorite music and dance! (My personal favorite is playing Just Dance videos) You can do this just about anywhere in your house or apartment. You could even do it sitting in a chair if need be. Move your arms and legs and head and have a good time!

4. Bonus: Express gratitude. Think of all the ways you are grateful for your legs, feet, arms, muscles, tendons, bones, joints and circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory systems.

Challenge: Choose one way to move at least 3 times this week.

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