Tip #2: Tension Releasing Exercises

The Art of Releasing Tension

Are you feeling anxious right now? Tired of trying to force these feelings away?

Today's tip is here to help you in releasing these feelings! The immune system cannot operate fully when stressed. Try out this exercise below to put your nervous system into a more relaxed state.

The more that we tune in like this, the more we are greatly energizing and supporting our own nervous system and energy field so that we can have a positive imprint on the world.

Follow these 5 simple steps experience a release of tension.

1. Find the posture.

Sit in a comfortable position.

Put your right hand over your forehead and your left hand over your belly.

2. Start to breathe.

Inhale deeply, expand your ribcage.

Exhale slowly.

Inhale. Breathing into your belly.

Keep breathing in and slowly exhaling.

3. Repeat this mantra quietly or out loud to yourself.

May we be healthy.

May we be happy.

May we be protected.

May we feel safe.

May we feel guided.

May we seek solutions rather than problems.

May we always know where we can turn for that safety and that serenity and that health and that well-being that we desire.

4. Breathe in one more time.

Honor everything that is coming up for you right now.

5. Shake your hands out releasing all that energy.

Come back tomorrow for the next tip to reducing anxiety and boosting your immune system!

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